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This is just our way of passing on a few treasures we've picked up along the way, so we don't have an online store with shopping baskets and the like.  Which means that you need to make note of the treasures you're interested in.  I'd suggest copying the line with the details and value off to a notepad (or equivalent) then, when you're ready, simply use the form in "Contact Us" and copy in the items you're interested in.

If you are considering buying and would like to know the shipping value, you'll need to provide us with a physical address too, so that we can work out the cost.

Once you send us that message, we'll be informed and will reply as soon as possible.



All amounts shown are in NZ Dollars.


Shipping will be determined once we know how many treasures are to be included in your parcel.  We'll be able to work out the size and weight information - which, with your shipping address, is needed to use the online services that NZ Post provide.  Once we know the shipping options and costs available, we'll get back to you.  We prefer to send items Tracked as a minimum, but we'll work with you to get the best value option you prefer.

Shipping will be charged based on the actual cost of the postage.


Pick Up

If you're in or near the Kapiti area and would prefer to pick up the treasures personally, then please feel free to arrange a time with us to do so.  We're happy to meet other treasure collectors in person.



Payment can be made

  • direct to our NZ Bank Account (this will be provided to you once the total amount to pay has been worked out
  • by a PayPal invoice (due to the charges imposed for receipt of payments by this method, we can only offer this payment method if the value of the purchased treasure makes it worthwhile)
    • Within New Zealand: this option is available for purchases totalling over NZ$50
    • Internationally: this option is available for purchases totalling over NZ$50
  • by cash (if you are able to pick up the treasures personally)