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  • Comics: Giant-Size Man-Thing has been reserved.
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Newly Added

Marvel | Twelve | #8 | NM | $5


Penciled by CHRIS WESTON


The Black Widow's secret! 

The Fiery Mask, accused! 

And Electro lives again!

32 pages, full colour.

Rated T+

DC / Helix | Time Breakers (1997) | #1 | NM | $3

Written by Rachel Pollack.

Art and cover by Chris Weston.

Acclaimed sf/comics writer Rachel Pollack and stunning artist Chris Weston present a unique mini-series in the best mind-stretching science fiction tradition.

Angela Attenborough is a normal suburban '50s housewife until she's visited by the Time Breakers--a society of time travellers whose mission is to create time paradoxes, without which the universe would run down and die.  Armed with a newfound weapon and self-confidence, Angela begins an odyssey of self-recreation in which she must alter the course of her own life in preparation of the day when, inevitably, the Time Breakers will return for her. 

32 pages. 

Marvel | Vision (vol1)(1994) | #2 | VF | $4

"Impaired Vision" Part 2 of 4.

Story by Bob Harras.

Art by Manny Clark and Mike Machlan.

Cover by Steve Epting.

The Vision has been missing from the Avengers for almost a month.  Strangely, the Vision and Jocasta have opened a detective agency in Chicago.  Something bizarre is going on, and Crystal and Deathcry go to investigate.

32 pages