Blood King Rising (Investigators 3)

Call of Cthulhu | Blood king Rising - Entry 3 (Investigators)

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Maia Raith

Maia has been part of a cult (the Unnamable Dawn) since she was 12 years old.

It took 4 years and the sacrificial death of her triplet sister, Rose, to start her (silent) questioning of their activities.

Two years later, her second triplet sister, Raven,  was also sacrificed.  Unable to do more than watch, Maia was readied to be sacrificed as well so that the barriers between this world and the place of the Great Old Ones could be breached.

Brendan saved her from this fate.

For the last two years, Maia has been working with M.A.D. Investigations to try and sever as many branches of the Unnamable Dawn cult as they could.  In turn, M.A.D. Investigations have been providing her with security to protect her from her possessed sister.  It appears that Raven is still determined to sacrifice Maia.

She is now an investigator (junior grade).


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